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Your yard is something to be proud of, but it requires a lot of work to get there. You have to put in the hours making sure the soil is good, the grass is watered and cut to a decent level, and pulling weeds. Another part of the job is the cleanup, making sure all the pesky little bits of debris are out of sight and out of mind. When it comes to leaves, there are so many of them it just doesn’t make sense to get on your hands and knees and remove them one by one. Enter the leaf blower, that little machine that pushes them into one neat little corner, making your job infinitely easier. But did you know that there’s actually a process to follow when getting a leaf blower? Read on to find out what you need to know before getting one.


Light-Duty Electric Leaf Blowers: For Basic, Small Jobs

Not everyone lives in an area where it thunderstorms leaves every time the wind whispers, and these are perfect for a light smattering of leaves. If all you need to do is blow a little bit of dirt or leaves from your deck or driveway, then this electric one — also known as a “corded broom” — is perfect for you. Plus, they have little motors, which only produce a little bit of noise.

Heavy-Duty Electric Leaf Blowers: For When the Job’s a Little Tougher

Say you want to do more than just tidy up your deck or driveway, like you want to actually move onto your lawn now. For that, pick up a heavy-duty electric blower and head straight for your grass. These have a bigger motor and are capable of moving more weight around, and you can plug it into an extension cord to make sure you get all areas of your lawn. And depending on the kind you get, you may just be able to turn it into a vacuum for your flowerbeds, too.



Handheld Gas Leaf Blowers: A Little Bit of Freedom to Move Around

While one of the big advantages of an electric leaf blower is the lack of filling up a motor — which makes them quieter, too — their big downside is their reach. A gas leaf blower, on the other hand, lets you go wherever you want. They are quite a bit heavier than electric leaf blowers, but the 30cc or 40cc engine can do just that much more. Just remember to always have mixed gasoline on hand so you never run out.

Backpack Gas Leaf Blowers: Hands-Free and Ready to Roar

We’re finally onto the monsters of all leaf blowers, as these ones are so big and powerful, they’re best worn strapped to your back instead of lugged around in your hands. They can blow anything anywhere you want, so just remember to get one that has an air circulator and vibration-reducer on the back. You’ll also want to go upwards of 40cc to really maximize its potential.

The choice is always yours when it comes to what kind of leaf blower you want to get, but buying the right one for the job will make you that much more efficient. But whether it’s a gas or electric leaf blower you want, we’ve got what you need. And no matter what you pick out, there’s always free shipping to the lower 48 states.
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Need a leaf blower for easy cleanup? Clearing your yard and driveway of leaves, dirt, and sand is easier with a high-powered leaf blower. Don’t mess with underpowered blowers. It takes a lot of power to lift and move wet leaves. The Echo PB 770H Backpack Blower from MowerSource.com is one of the best deals around, at just $459 delivered.

This high-powered, professional grade leaf blower is built solid with a 63.3 cc engine and blow speeds up to 234 mph. With the padded backpack, you can work comfortably for several hours. The back pad is vented to keep you cool in hot weather, and the backrest and shoulder straps are padded for all-day comfort.

How can I use a leaf blower to make yardwork easier?

The Echo PB 770H Backpack leaf blower is a versatile machine that lets you blow leaves off the lawn and driveway without raking, sweep the driveway or garage, and even clear away light snowfall from your driveway and walkways.

Some homeowners use their leaf blower to clean gutters, move dirt and debris from landscaping projects, get rid of winter sand and grit, and sweep grass clippings off the walkways and patio. With the versatility of a backpack blower, you can use your blower year round for landscaping and maintenance projects at home.

Why the Echo Backpack blower?

The Echo leaf blower model is affordable yet high powered and durable. Unlike cheap leaf blower models that don’t have enough power to finish the job and don’t last more than one season, the Echo PB 770H blower comes with a 5 year consumer warranty for reliable performance year after year.

With the built-in backpack, this blower is easy and comfortable to use, no matter your size or strength. MowerSource.com also offers free shipping on all leaf blowers and the best prices available online. Get your Echo leaf blower today! Your yard is waiting.