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Spring is so close, you can almost taste it. The snow’s slowly beginning to melt, the mercury is creeping up, and in just a couple of days, the clocks will be going ahead to give us more sunlight during the day. We’re not quite there yet, but we will be soon. And to get you started, Mower Source will be starting off the season by taking a look at Zero Turn mowers, which are among the biggest, most efficient and easiest to use of all lawn mowers. So, let’s bring on spring by taking a look at why so many people love them.


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Zero-turn lawn mowers are the type of invention that may have taken a little while to get here but once they did in the early ’60s, made you shake your head and wonder what took it so long to arrive. The have great manoeuvrability, can cover a really big space, are fun to ride, and fairly simple to maintain. They’re called “zero turn” because these lawn mowers are able to contour corners so closely, there’s hardly any grass left to trim after. It saves a huge amount of time and work, for if you only need one piece of equipment to do the job instead of two, you’re twice as far ahead. Before you go shopping for a zero-turn lawn mower, though, take a second to read this guide so you know exactly what to look for.

1. What Deck Size Do You Need?

Deck size refers to how wide your zero-turn lawn mower will be, with a general rule of thumb being the bigger the yard, the wider the deck. This is so your mower can efficiently clear your lawn without you having to spend hours and hours at it, with the equivalent being something like using nail clippers to cut an average-sized front year.

But hold on a sec: having a wide deck size doesn’t automatically mean that you should go with the biggest number to get the job done the fastest. You have to keep proportion, balance and curvature in mind. A wider deck size will allow you to cut more in one go, yes, but you won’t be able to corner quite as tightly. But by picking out a smaller deck size, you trade off a bit of stability, which is necessary if your yard is sloped.

  • 1 or 2 acres of grass: 48″ to 54″ deck
  • 2 or more acres of grass: 54″ to 66″ deck
  • Deck Construction

    Along with size, you’ll want to check out the guts of the deck. They’re assembled in one of two ways, stamped or welded. Commercial grade mowers have the steel layers of the deck welded together for added toughness, while residential mowers tend to have lighter gauge steel, and stamped together instead of welded. The difference is mainly for the type of terrain you have, as welded can handle roughness a lot more easily than stamped decks.



    2. Get the Right Engine Size for What You Need

    Just like deck size, engine size matters only as much as the specs of your lawn. If you’ve got an even, smooth lawn, you’re not going to need something that can blast its way through granite. Conversely, if you’ve got rough, hilly terrain on your property, you’re going to need something with a little more oomph to it.

    There are two basic engines you can get with a zero-turn lawn mower, and each is equipped to do a specific job:

  • Single-cylinder: You’ll find this on lower-priced, residential zero-turn mowers, as their mild nature is perfect for easy lawns.
  • Twin-cylinder OHV: Wow, what power! These engines are mainly seen on commercial grade mowers, as their strong engines can handle any job and do so with less vibration than before.
  • 3. Finish it Off with Tires and Cutting Height

    Until someone invents a lawn mower that can do its job by floating in the air, lawn mowers will have tires. And the tires you pick are going to be holding up the whole weight of the mower, so check out four-ply-rated tires for the best job. And if you can get them, wide tires will help distribute the weight of the mower more evenly, which is always a good idea.

    Lastly, cutting height is a feature that you’ll almost always be using. You can adjust the height of the blades either manual — which eats away at productivity and efficiency — or foot assist or hand lever to raise and lower the blades on the go.

    As much as a zero-turn lawn mower is something you use for big lawns to make the job easier, they’re also just plain fun to use. But instead of going for the most fun-looking zero-turn lawn mower, get one that’s perfect for your yard for the best job possible. Take a look at our selection to see which would be the best fit for you, and enjoy both free shipping and free rush order processing.
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    Toro zero turn mower

    Looking for the best end-of-season deal on a lawn mower? Look no further than the Toro Time Cutter MX5060. This zero-turn bad boy with a Kawasaki engine will get your lawn mowed in record time.

    Here are some of the top features for the MX5060 Toro zero turn mower:

    Powerful Engine

    A high quality zero turn mower starts with the engine. The TimeCutter MX5060 offers the smooth, quiet but powerful performance of a 23 hp Kawasaki V-Twin 726cc engine.

    Heavy Duty Transmission

    With a zero turn mower this tough, you need a transmission that can deliver the right amount of power. A larger hydrostatic transmission (vs. the SS series) lives up to the performance you expect and lasts for the life of your mower.

    Power-Assisted Mowing Height

    Need to change the height of the mower? Use the foot-assisted cutting height adjuster to raise and lower the deck for just the right cut. Grass too long? Mow once with a raised deck to cut a third of a blade of grass, then lower the deck and mow again.

    Smart Speed Control System

    Wish you could save even more time? Set the ground speed in high speed range to mow large open areas quickly, and easily transition to a lower speed for controlled maneuvering around shrubs, landscaping, trees, and garden areas.

    Precision Steering

    Get smoother starts and stops with the precision steering system using control lever dampeners. If all you’ve known is the jerky ride of a riding lawn mower, you’ll be impressed with the seamless operation and smooth ride of the Toro Time Cutter MX5060.

    3 Year Limited Warranty

    Toro stands behind their product with a 3 year limited warranty on the Toro Time Cutter zero turn mower. Get protection against a defect in materials or workmanship for worry-free mowing.

    Toro Zero Turn Mower – Time Cutter MX5060

    Get the best year-end clearance deals on zero turn mowers with the Toro Time Cutter MX5060 for only $3,799! Free shipping and free lift gate delivery included. Act now before our 2013 zero turn mowers are gone!

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    Zero turn mowers

    For most homeowners, your lawn gives you a sense of pride. It’s your own land, your own space, and your own chance to show off your green thumb. Mowing the grass every week, however, gets old quickly as the summer wears on. The faster you can get the lawn mowed, the better.

    That’s why zero turn mowers have become so popular. With your lawn mowing time cut almost in half, you’ll have more time for summertime activities that you really love. Plus, riding a zero turn mower is a lot more fun than sweating behind a push mower.

    Popular Mechanics Zero Turn Mower Reviews

    Popular Mechanics tested 6 of the most popular zero turn mowers to see which brands were best for residential use. The six brands they tested were Husqvarna, Simplicity, Craftsman, Ariens, Cub, and Snapper.

    Husqvarna took the grand prize with its well-built design, ease of use, and comfort. It also proved to be one of the quietest zero turn mowers of the six that Popular Mechanics compared. The years of experience Husqvarna has had overseas with its zero turn mowers is accredited to the company’s success in working the bugs out of its design.

    Next in line was the Simplicity, with its efficient design and solid cutting abilities. This zero turn mower was the loudest among the six tested.

    Craftsman and Ariens were neck-and-neck for third place, with the Ariens noticeably quieter. In fifth place was the Cub Cadet, at a price point higher than the average homeowner’s budget but with a rugged, commercial construction. The aggressive handling and size is likely overkill for most homeowners, however.

    In last place came the Snapper. The reviewers unanimously agreed that the joystick handling didn’t meet their expectations when it comes to a well-built zero turn mower.

    Mother Earth News Zero Turn Mower Reviews

    A zero turn mower comparison and review by Mother Earth News showed that Toro came in one of the top spots, with high marks for comfort, ease of use, vibration levels, and handling. John Deere sneaked in just after Toro, with slightly lower marks for comfort.

    Zero Turn Mowers

    MowerSource.com carries the top zero turn mower brands in the industry: Toro, Husqvarna, and Ariens. All of our zero turn mowers are backed by a manufacturer’s warranty. Get free shipping and free lift gate delivery when you order now!

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    While zero turn mowers used to be affordable only for professional landscaping companies, now almost any homeowner can use a zero turn mower to cut the grass in as little time as possible. Zero turn mowers are becoming more popular not just for homeowners with large lots but for any homeowner or landowner who wants to cut down on their mowing time.

    Why a zero turn mower?

    The biggest draw for zero turn mowers is that they can cut your mowing time almost in half. The precise handling lets you mow around landscaping features, trees and shrubs, gardens, and other obstacles much faster than other types of mowers.

    How easy is it to drive a zero turn mower?

    Easier than you think. With very little practice or instruction, you can learn to handle a zero turn mower with precision and ease. Since almost anyone can learn to drive a zero turn mower, you might find yourself fighting over who gets to mow the lawn this week!

    What about mowing on hills?

    As long as the hills or slopes in your yard are 10 degrees or less, you will have no problem using a zero turn mower on rolling terrain. To get a better idea of how steep 10 degrees would be, think of a steep hill that you drive in your car. Most road inclines are less than 10 degrees.

    If the hill is too steep to stand on, your zero turn mower could lose traction or skid. Keep in mind that there is no power to the front wheels of a zero turn mower. Only the rear wheels have power.

    What is the best zero turn mower?

    When it comes to choosing a zero turn mower, go with a quality brand that you can trust. Ariens, Toro, and Husqvarna are three mower brands that have proven their quality over time. A quality zero turn mower is money well spent.

    MowerSource.com carries only the best. Our Ariens, Husqvarna, and Toro zero turn mowers offer exceptional performance at a price you can afford. Mower Source offers fast, free shipping—including free lift gate delivery for a limited time only. Your zero turn mower will be at your door before you know it, and in no time you’ll be cutting the lawn with your new mower.

    Zero Turn Mowers

    Get your Husqvarna, Toro, or Ariens zero turn mower from MowerSource.com! We offer the best prices around, with no tax (except in MN) and free shipping. Free Lift Gate Delivery included for a limited time only!

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    Need a dependable lawn mower that lets you mow a large acreage in less time? The Toro Time Cutter zero turn mower cuts your mowing time by an average of 45%. Even better, it’s easy to use. The precision steering system lets you smoothly maneuver, start, and stop with ease.

    Ground speed is adjustable with Toro’s exclusive Smart Speed™ control system that lets you choose different ground speed ranges just by flipping a lever—no need to change the blade or engine speed. For large open areas, you can mow at high speeds. Then switch to the low speed range for mowing around trees, gardens, retaining walls, and landscaping features.

    With a large mowing deck and a 4-inch deep top discharge deck, you can maximize your cutting performance and get your grass cut to just the right height.

    As you can see in the video below, learning how to operate a Toro Zero Turn mower takes very little practice. The “newbie” zero turn mower user in the video was able to operate the mower with no problems on only her second time using the mower.

    For a limited time only, MowerSource.com is offering Free Lift Gate Delivery on all Toro zero turn mowers. Get your mower shipped for free (no tax except in MN) and delivered to your door with fast shipping from FedEx. We offer the best prices available—made even better by the fact that you won’t have to pay extra for taxes!

    Residential homeowners, landlords, and commercial property owners will love the Toro Time Cutter’s ease of use and reduced cutting time. With a 3-year warranty, your Toro zero turn mower is guaranteed to last.

    Toro Zero Turn Mowers

    Get your lawn cut in no time with a Toro Time Cutter Zero Turn Mower. This lawn mower comes with a 3 year warranty and free shipping, including free lift gate delivery for a limited time. Get your Toro zero turn mower today!

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    Ariens Husqvarna mower

    Get ready for spring with a new Husqvarna riding mower or an Ariens zero turn mower! Right now we’re offering Free Lift Gate Delivery on all in-stock Husqvarna lawn tractors and Ariens zero turn mowers.

    Make mowing and yardwork easier with a riding lawn mower that gets the job done fast. Husqvarna and Ariens are two of the most well-respected lawn mower brands in the industry. You can expect quality performance and value for your lawn care needs.

    Husqvarna Lawn Tractors

    Husqvarna lawn tractors are built for landowners who demand high performance, durability, and value. The hydrostatic transmission with locking differential operates smoothly and prevents slipping on steep slopes or wet grass.

    Husqvarna lawn tractors are engineered for demanding or extensive use. The durable steel cutting deck and Kawasaki V-twin engine provide all the power and performance you need for season after season of mowing and mulching. You can even clean the underside of the deck with the built-in deck wash port.

    Ariens Zero Turn Mowers

    Ariens zero turn mowers cut your lawn mowing time in half with a 34″ mowing deck that’s easy to maneuver around trees, gardens, and landscaping features. Spend less time mowing the lawn and more time on what really matters to you. The Ariens zero turn riding mower provides the best lawn mowing experience you can get in a compact zero turn mower. It’s fun to drive—so much so that you might wish it took longer to mow the lawn!

    The Ariens zero turn mower comes with a foot-operated deck lift that makes it quick and easy to adjust the height of the cut or mow over a sprinkler head.

    Lawn Mower Special

    Don’t miss out! Get MowerSource.com’s Free Lift Gate Delivery on any Husqvarna lawn tractor or Ariens zero turn mower. Free shipping, free lift gate delivery, and the best prices around—what more could you ask for? Check out our selection of lawn mowers now!

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    Wish you could mow the grass in less time? The Toro TimeCutter MX5060 lets you do just that. With a 7mph forward ground speed, wide mowing deck, and large tires, you can get your lawn cut in a fraction of the time it would take you with most other mowers.

    This zero turn mower makes it easy to maneuver around tight corners, trees, landscaping borders, patio pavers, and garden plots.

    Toro TimeCutter Video

    Toro TimeCutter MX5060 Review

    As Theo, one of our customers, noted, the Toro TimeCutter mower is the clear winner when it comes to choosing a zero turn mower. Theo loved his first experience using the Toro TimeCutter: “Although my landscape borders my home, I have only 3 trees to cut around in the open lot and thought I could save a little cutting time with the speed and agility of the zero turn. On my property (3/4 acre), I maybe have gained a reduction of just 20% (25min to 20 min.), kind of what I was expecting.

    “The Kawi runs smooth and fast, with fuel consumption again as I expected, about 1 gallon per hour of mowing time. The deck is easily adjustable and the ride is relatively smooth. After growing up with a steering wheel mower, I’m still honing my new skills to smoothly handle the ZT speed\turning lap bar controls.”

    Cut Mowing Time with the Toro TimeCutter Zero Turn Mower

    The Toro TimeCutter zero turn mower is built with a Kawasaki V-Twin 726cc engine with 23 hp. The 10-gauge steel fabricated deck is durable enough to last for years of mowing, and Toro’s exclusive Smart Speed™ control system cuts your mowing time by allowing you to change ground speeds with the flip of a lever. Mow at high speed in open areas and effortlessly switch to a lower speed for controlled maneuvering around trees and landscaping. Precision steering and speed control lets you get the job done fast.

    Zero Turn Mowers on Sale

    Get ready for mowing season with a Toro TimeCutter zero turn mower from MowerSource.com! We’ve got the best prices in the industry, with top-notch customer service and free shipping. Pay no tax on your new lawn mower! (except in MN)

    We offer insured shipping through FedEx and pre-scheduled delivery times to make sure you don’t miss the delivery. Compare our prices with our competitors—we guarantee you’ll come back to MowerSource.com! Best prices around.