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Zero turn mowers

For most homeowners, your lawn gives you a sense of pride. It’s your own land, your own space, and your own chance to show off your green thumb. Mowing the grass every week, however, gets old quickly as the summer wears on. The faster you can get the lawn mowed, the better.

That’s why zero turn mowers have become so popular. With your lawn mowing time cut almost in half, you’ll have more time for summertime activities that you really love. Plus, riding a zero turn mower is a lot more fun than sweating behind a push mower.

Popular Mechanics Zero Turn Mower Reviews

Popular Mechanics tested 6 of the most popular zero turn mowers to see which brands were best for residential use. The six brands they tested were Husqvarna, Simplicity, Craftsman, Ariens, Cub, and Snapper.

Husqvarna took the grand prize with its well-built design, ease of use, and comfort. It also proved to be one of the quietest zero turn mowers of the six that Popular Mechanics compared. The years of experience Husqvarna has had overseas with its zero turn mowers is accredited to the company’s success in working the bugs out of its design.

Next in line was the Simplicity, with its efficient design and solid cutting abilities. This zero turn mower was the loudest among the six tested.

Craftsman and Ariens were neck-and-neck for third place, with the Ariens noticeably quieter. In fifth place was the Cub Cadet, at a price point higher than the average homeowner’s budget but with a rugged, commercial construction. The aggressive handling and size is likely overkill for most homeowners, however.

In last place came the Snapper. The reviewers unanimously agreed that the joystick handling didn’t meet their expectations when it comes to a well-built zero turn mower.

Mother Earth News Zero Turn Mower Reviews

A zero turn mower comparison and review by Mother Earth News showed that Toro came in one of the top spots, with high marks for comfort, ease of use, vibration levels, and handling. John Deere sneaked in just after Toro, with slightly lower marks for comfort.

Zero Turn Mowers

MowerSource.com carries the top zero turn mower brands in the industry: Toro, Husqvarna, and Ariens. All of our zero turn mowers are backed by a manufacturer’s warranty. Get free shipping and free lift gate delivery when you order now!

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