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Most homeowners take pride in the look of their lawns. When the weekend hits and you step outside all you here is the buzzing sound of a lawn mower. Regular lawn mowing contributes to a beautiful, healthy lawn. It is the best way to prevent weeds from growing and to keep parasites away.

Lawn height varies by grass type but generally you want to keep your lawn at 2 inches during the fall and spring and 2-3 inches during the summer. The reason that you want the grass at a higher height in the summer is so the grass can shade underlying growth. Taller grass can also retain moister better which reduces the need to water the grass.

The rule of 1/3 states that you should not cut more then 1/3 of your grass off at a time. If you haven’t cut your grass in a while try mowing a couple of times to get it down to the ideal height. Based on the rule of 1/3 it is best to mow more in the spring and fall when the grass is beingĀ fertilizedĀ and growing at a more rapid rate during the summer.

The best time of the day to mow is during the late afternoon or the evening. Since mowing the lawn damages the plant it is good to give it time to recover. Mowing in the evening will give it at least 12 hours of rest from the sun.

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