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We are getting into the thick of fall which means the leaves are falling in full force. This is the time of the year where you wish you had a couple of kids around to rake up the leaves for you! However, we are not all fortunate enough to have free labor hanging around. For the majority of us we either have to stick to using a leaf blower or rakes. Which one should you be using? Read through the pros and cons of using a leaf blower or rake before you decide.

Leaf Blower Cons –

  • Leaf blowers are noisy. When using a leaf blower you need to wear sound-deadening ear protection so you do not incur any damage to your ears.
  • Leaf blowers cause more air damage than a rake.

Leaf Blower Pros –

  • Leaf blowers are efficient. They get the job done.
  • Leaf blowers are more forgiving on the back. Do you have back problems? If so we recommend using a leaf blower over a rake.

Rake Cons – 

  • Raking might be more environmentally friendly however back problems can arise from raking.
  • Raking is a strenuous exercise so if you are not properly conditioned strains, sprains and even heart attacks can occur.
  • Raking is a lot of work. Combined with the cons above, raking takes more time and energy to complete than using a leaf blower.

Rake Pros – 

  • Raking is exercise so you can substitute it for going to the gym.
  • Raking is the best option if you are environmentally conscience.

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