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Riding mower

Need a new lawn mower this summer? Whether your old one broke down or it’s just time for an upgrade, Mower Source has the lawn mower you need. We can also help you decide between buying a riding mower versus the more traditional push mower. See our lawn mower buying guide for riding mowers and push mowers below.

Why buy a riding mower?

Do you have a large acreage? Lots of hilly terrain that makes it difficult to use a standard push mower? A riding mower may be the best way to mow the lawn without breaking a sweat or breaking your back.

Riding mowers are self-powered, which means you don’t have to waste energy trying to push the mower up hills and pull it back from going too fast downhill.

They also make it easier to mow land larger than one acre. Although it’s tiring to push a mower on a large area of land, the riding mower never quits–at least until you run out of gas.

Riding mowers can handle thick or damp grass better than a push mower. The riding mower also has a larger bag for grass clippings, which means you shouldn’t have to stop and empty the bag while mowing the lawn. Since a riding mower is heavier than a push mower, it can handle rougher terrain, such as occasional weed patches and brush.

Why buy a push mower?

Do you have a limited budget and a smaller lawn? A standard push mower may be a more economical choice. Although push mowers require more effort to mow the lawn, they are smaller and can get into tighter spaces, as well as maneuver around landscaping features, retaining walls, trees, and gardens.

Since a push mower is lighter in weight, it’s a little easier on your lawn. Plus its smaller size makes it easier to store.

If you have a lawn with steep slopes, you might want to look at self-propelled walk-behind mowers. They are less likely to tip on steep slopes than a riding mower. Plus, the extra power assist makes it easier to get up hills with the mower.

Lawn Mowers

Whether you’re looking for a riding mower or a push mower, MowerSource.com has exactly the lawn mower you need for your lawn and budget. We offer free shipping to the lower 48 states and no tax on your purchase (outside of MN). We carry only the best lawn mowers, from name brands like Ariens, Husqvarna, and Toro. Every lawn mower is backed by a manufacturer’s guarantee!

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