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We’re almost halfway through the mowing season. I’m sure you are enjoying the leisure and productivity of your riding lawn mower. Even though there is still a lot of mowing yet to do, regular maintenance shouldn’t be forgotten. A consistent cut comes from consistent mower maintenance. There are a plethora of working parts to consider, but we’d like to narrow it down to the maintenance essentials. Here are a few tips to keep your riding lawn mower in excellent shape.

Riding Lawn Mowers

Toro LX427 Riding Lawn Mower

The Oil

Most people think that the oil rarely needs to be changed, but this isn’t the case. Oil should be changed at least once per summer, if not more. Warm the engine up for a minute to warm the oil. This will make it easier to drain. Be sure to drain your tank’s gasoline as well. If you are going to be keeping gas in the tank during storage, use a gasoline stabilizer.

The Battery

After the oil drains, disconnect your battery. Untether the negative connection first, followed by the positive connection. Removing the battery is a safety precaution to make sure that the mower doesn’t start accidentally.

The Blades

Clean the blades thoroughly and sharpen them. If there are larger chunks taken out of the blades, it may be time to replace them. Blades can be sharpened at a local hardware store or you can invest in a DIY sharpening kit.

The Deck

After removing the blades from the deck, scrape and remove excess dirt and debris. Use a putty knife and brush for this task. Buff away stains and reinstall the blades.

The Belts

Remove belts and their covers. Give both a good cleaning. Replace belts if you see apparent signs of strain or any cracks. Belts can also stretch under extreme heat conditions, so make sure that your belts are taut instead of stretched out.

Riding Lawn Mowers for Sale

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