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best time to water lawn

Even with the right combination of nutrients, your lawn won’t be healthy without enough moisture to absorb those nutrients. Lawn watering is a vital step in caring for your grass and keeping it healthy. Here are some tips on the best time to water your lawn.

When to Water

With enough rain, your lawn won’t need to be watered very often. A well-maintained lawn is designed to capture and use rain water efficiently. But if you hit a drought period in mid-summer, or you live in a dry area of the country, watering your lawn is important if you want to keep it alive.

Once your grass begins to start turning brown or looking dried out, it’s time to break out the sprinklers or turn on the irrigation system.

Best Time of Day to Water Lawn

The best time to water your lawn is early in the morning, before the temperature reaches its peak in the middle of the day. The hotter it gets, the faster the water evaporates. Watering the lawn at the hottest part of the day allows too much water to evaporate before it soaks into the ground.

If you can’t get up early enough to water the lawn in the early morning, or if you don’t have an irrigation system with automatic settings, the next best time to water the lawn is in the evening. However, keep in mind that some lawn experts say watering the lawn at night can promote the growth of fungus and cause lawn diseases, since the water sits on your lawn overnight.

How Often to Water Lawn

Experts say that your lawn needs about one inch of rainfall or water each week. More than that is wasted water. You may be able to cut lawn watering down to once a week, as long as you can water the grass long enough to equal one inch. To help you gauge how much water your lawn is receiving, place a coffee can or small container on the ground within reach of the sprinkler system. When the water in the can reaches one inch, your grass is well watered.

Conserving Water

The better your lawn can absorb water, the less water you will waste. To keep your lawn healthy and protect the roots, mow high in the summer. The extra shade keeps your lawn’s roots from getting scorched by the sun and heat.

Mowing at the coolest time of the morning, and only watering your lawn when it needs it will also help conserve water. Your pocketbook and the earth will thank you.

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