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Healthy lawn

Wish your grass was greener on this side of the fence? Follow these tips to get a healthier lawn and greener grass you can be proud of.

1. Start with the soil.

Green grass starts with healthy soil. Get a soil test kit from your local home and garden store or a county extension office. Find out exactly which nutrients your soil needs to function at its best and get recommendations for caring for your soil type. The healthier your soil, the easier it will be to grow green, healthy grass.

2. Go natural.

Chemical fertilizers kill the natural organisms in healthy soil that feed your lawn with nutrients. The more chemicals you add to your lawn and the more natural organisms you kill, the more chemicals your lawn will need to stay healthy and green, creating an endless cycle of “chemical dependency” for your lawn.

By testing the soil, you can find out exactly which nutrients your lawn needs, thereby minimizing the need for chemicals on your lawn. Choose organic fertilizers whenever possible.

3. Dethatch.

The more clogged up your lawn gets with dead thatch, the harder it is for the soil to absorb water and nutrients. Help your lawn “breathe” by removing the thatch layer once it gets to be about a half-inch thick.

4. Soak it.

Your lawn needs about an inch of water every week. Use a rain gauge to see how much rain your lawn gets every week. Then water with sprinklers or an irrigation system to make up for what your lawn didn’t get from the rain.

Water in the early morning rather than in the middle of the day so that the water won’t evaporate before it can be absorbed by your lawn. Stop watering when you’ve reached an inch of water. Over-watering won’t keep your lawn any healthier; plus, it wastes resources and your money.

5. Don’t scalp it.

Cutting your lawn too short makes it vulnerable to getting scorched on hot summer days. Instead, adjust the blade on your lawn mower a bit higher and mow more often to keep the roots of your grass cool and shaded.

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