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Fall lawn care

Before you hang up your lawn tools for the winter, consider the fact that your grass doesn’t stop growing just because the weather turns cold. Instead, it absorbs water and nutrients that enable it to grow healthy and lush in the spring. Take time to complete six easy fall lawn care tips as you create a lush lawn.

1. Keep Mowing

Until the first snowflake falls, lawn mowers prep the grass to receive maximum sunlight. Take care to cut no more than one-third of the blades, and set the lawn mower blade as low as possible.

2. Remove Debris

All the leaves, grass clippings and sticks that accumulate on your lawn need to be removed. Otherwise, they suffocate the grass and increase the likelihood of fungal disease. Regularly remove debris with an attached mulching kit or bagging kit.

3. Use an Aerator

Your grass’s roots need oxygen and water year round. A walk-behind aerator punches holes in the ground and prepares your lawn to receive the nutrients it needs.

4. Apply Fertilizer

Fertilizer application in the late fall delivers important nutrients that make your grass grow strong and deep. Apply a slow-release fertilizer to your lawn with a broadcast spreader or with a drop spreader that provides an even layer of maximum coverage.

5. Control the Weeds

Weeds are like your grass. They’ll drink anything in the ground, including weed killer. So, apply an organic weed killing formula in the fall to reduce weeds in the spring.

6. Repair Bald Spots

Remove the bald spots on your lawn with a lawn repair mixture of grass seed, fertilizer and mulch. Scratch the soil’s surface with a rake, spread on a thick layer of the mixture and lightly press it into the soil. Water the area thoroughly, and then water every other day for at least two weeks.

Lawn Mowers

These six fall lawn care steps prepare your yard to grow lush and vibrant in the spring. Now is also the time to save on lawn mowers as the mowing season comes to a close. Get the best end-of-season deals on lawn mowers from MowerSource.com. All lawn mowers ship free! (lower 48 states)

Image Credit: Simone Roda, Flickr.com

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