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Ideally, your Mower Source lawn mower will run fine every time because you’ve been taking great care in properly maintaining it. But lawn mowers are mechanical objects with moving parts, and they’re not immune from running into the occasional problems. Because you’re both a dedicated reader and fan of Mower Source‘s high standard of quality, this post on how to troubleshoot basic problems is just for you.

Lawn Mower Won’t Start

There are several reasons for this problem, each listed below:

  • Spark Plug: It could be dirty, loose or not connected at all, so clean it, tighten it or connect it (damaged spark plugs need to be replaced).
  • Air Filter: Could be dirty, so give it a thorough cleaning.
  • Fuel: Is the tank full? Or is fuel not reaching the engine? Try tapping the side of the carburetor, filling the tank, or replacing the fuel filter.
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    Lawn Mower Mows Unevenly

    This is almost always one of two problems:

  • Dull Blades: Use a metallic file to sharpen them, take them in for a professional to do, or replace them if they’re really worn.
  • Unbalanced: Sometimes, grass may have built up on one side and needs emptying.
  • Lawn Mower Guzzles Gas

    Lawn mowers that use gas aren’t supposed to go through fuel like a thirsty V12 Hummer, so the culprit is usually a clogged air filter. Clean it thoroughly, or replace it if it’s more than a year old.



    Lawn Mower Suddenly Dies

    Uh-oh! You’re halfway through the lawn and it just quits on you. Here’s what to do:

  • Air Filter: If it’s clogged, your engine is getting suffocated and the filter either needs to be cleaned or replaced.
  • Spark Plug: Same as not starting at all, it may need to be cleaned, tightened, re-connected or replaced.
  • Grass: There could either be a build-up underneath that needs to be cleaned out, or the blades aren’t set high enough if you’re cutting tall grass.
  • Lawn Mower is Smoking

    It’s easy to freak out when you see smoke coming out of your lawn mower, but this isn’t usually a complicated problem. Just make sure to turn the switch off before troubleshooting.

  • Oil Compartment: There may be too much oil in there and it overflowed, or it could be burning because of the engine’s heat. It either needs to be drained or fill, so check the dipstick.
  • Spark Plug: This little bit is responsible for quite a bit in the lawn mower and in this case, it could be covered in oil. Use carburetor cleaner to clean it off.
  • Carburetor: Common issues are that it’s dirty or clogged, and common ways of solving this problem are to clean it or replace it.
  • Lawn Mower Starter Rope Requires the Strength of Hercules

    You pull and pull on that thing, and you may as well be solving geometric proofs for all the good it’s doing. Never fear, it’s usually one of these things:

  • Flywheel Brake: The bar needs to be pulled all the way down or or it just won’t roar to life.
  • Grass: Clogged-up grass in the undercarriage could be blocking the starting process, so scoop everything out and try again. Tip: It’s best to disengage the spark plug first and then empty the undercarriage on a hard surface.
  • Congratulations, you’re now a mini-pro at keeping your Mower Source mower going all the time! And if you don’t have a Mower Source lawn mower, then check out our selection right now. Any lawn mower you have your heart set on, it’ll come right to your doorstep with free shipping. And if you place an order between Monday to Friday before 1pm CST, we’ll ship it that very day!

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