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While some homeowners may be content to shop for a Mower Source lawn mower, wait for it to be shipped, and use it once it arrives, there’s a lot more to a tidy green lawn than just the mower. Accessories can be the make or break factor for a job done easily, and we’re here to show you the top ones that would love to find a home in your shed. We’ve selected our list based on necessity, cost and efficiency, always keeping you, our dear reader, in mind.


1. Replacement Blades

Just like tires are one of the most important parts of you car, blades perform the same function. If we had to isolate one part, and one part only, that help your lawn mower do the best job possible, it’d be the blades, hand down. They make constant contact with grass blades, cutting them down to just the length you’ve set it to. But dull blades? All you’re doing is pressing down the blades, making the job a lot harder for yourself and leaving your lawn looking sloppily cut. A set of spare blades will only set you back about as much as it costs to go to the movies, give or take a bag of popcorn or two.

2. Lawn Mower Cover

We know that when the top priority is buying land and a house, other things can get compromised, like storage space. However, a lawn mower is not one of the things that should be left exposed to the elements, as the sun, rain, dirt and wind can wreak a little bit of havoc on your machine. The UV rays from the sun can damage your tires, the rain can rust the metal parts, and the wind and dirt can cause tiny little critters to make your lawn mower their new home. Buying a lawn mower cover is a bit pricier than a set of spare blades, but it’s still a worthy investment when you factor it against the cost of buying a new lawn mower prematurely.



3. Mulching Kits

We’ve written before about how much better it is to mulch your lawn — especially using the materials available on your lawn itself — than to simply mow it. It revitalizes your grass, adds incredibly important nutrients, and helps keep your lawn healthy, happy and long-living. And while you could take the long way around by mulching by hand or trying to MacGuyver your lawn mower to do it, it’d be so much easier to just get a mulching kit and have your work cut in half. The price is quite a bit higher than the previous two entries (think the mid-100s), but think of this analogy: washing clothes with a manual washing machine is free, but it takes an incredibly long amount of time and a lot of elbow grease. A washing machine, on the other hand, can be pricey in comparison, but makes the job so much more incredibly easier. A mulching kit is the same way.

You’ve got a Mower Source lawn mower, you’ve got the three lawn mower accessories you need, and now you’ve got an incredible summer set ahead for you. But just in case you don’t have any of what we just talked about, take a look at our inventory and find the perfect products for yourself. Not only do we have free rush-order processing, but we have free shipping on every single item, too.

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