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A lot of people forget that a lawn mower is a piece of machinery capable of causing great harm and injury. It doesn’t have to if you just put an ounce of precaution into play, especially if you use Mower Source‘s handy guide of these 24 safety tips that most people overlook.



Machine Safety

In this section, we’ll cover safety tips that have to do with the lawn mower itself.

  • Turn the machine off before taking care of any problems or issues
  • Use a stick to poke clumped grass loose underneath
  • Have fresh blades in place for the easiest job possible
  • Keep safety guards/shields/devices on where they belong
  • Remember that the engine cowling is a huge source of heat after the lawn mower’s been on for a while
  • Check oil and fuel levels before a job, and never add fluids mid-mow
  • Adjust wheel height before turning the mower on
  • Keep the cord at least a foot away from the blades
  • Lawn Safety

    Once you’ve got the above tips down pat, the next is to survey your yard and see that you’ve taken care of safety there.

  • Pick up large twigs, sticks, rocks, toys and hoses off the grass on your pre-mow walkthrough
  • If there’s a tree on your property, regularly check it for hornets’ or bees’ nests
  • Make the lawn off-limits to kids as long as there’s a mower in use
  • Pull out the lawn mower during mid-morning for least moisture on the grass and easiest time to cut
  • Save the mowing for another day if it just rained or is starting to, especially if there’s lightning in the sky
  • Be careful of walk behind mowers and steep slopes, and either cut parallel to the slope or use a rope (or even re-landscape the area into tiers)
  • "Sunglassescollage" by Roger Lacocoa - http://www.shadesdaddy.com/Ray-Ban-Sunglasses-s/53.htm. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons - http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Sunglassescollage.jpg#/media/File:Sunglassescollage.jpg


    User Safety

    Last but not least, you’ve got to think of how to keep yourself safe when cutting the lawn. While the other two areas may have unpredictable factors, or aspects that can change at the drop of a hat, you’re almost always in ultimate control of yourself and your own reactions.

  • Save the cold can of beer for after the job’s done, no matter how little of an impact you think it’d make
  • Throw on a pair of sunglasses (when it’s super sunny) or clear shades (when it’s overcast) to protect your eyes from any potential flying debris
  • Keep hydrated, particularly if you’re looking at a long, tough slog
  • Skip the sandals in favor of close-toed shoes — just in case — and make sure they’re well tractioned so you don’t slip
  • The louder the mower, the better an idea earplugs are
  • Even though it may seem tougher, push the mower instead of pulling it so you retain more control
  • Take turns and slopes gradually and widely instead of suddenly and sharply
  • Don’t use the lawn mower as a joyride tool — and keep kids off it
  • If you use a riding mower, get into the habit of always checking behind and around, no matter how silly or overdone you think it is
  • Remember your maintenance checklist and stick to it, like a quick run-through before and after, along with more periodic checks
  • We want to add an unofficial 25th tip to this list: having the best Toro, Ariens or Husqvarna lawn mower in place so you can erase one huge worry from your mind. Any machine you order from our inventory comes with free shipping and no tax (except in MN), and to go along with it, we’ve got a fine selection of parts and accessories so you’re always prepared.

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