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Having a lush and healthy lawn isn’t always a matter of just watering and cutting it. To take it to the next level, mulching it is one of the best difference-makers in the game. But before you let that freshly cut grass fly all over your lawn, read these tips from Mower Source first and see how to be more strategic about mulching.

Pros and Cons of Mulching



  • Creates a barrier against the sun to protect from heat damage so the soil doesn’t dry out unnecessarily
  • In the early days of spring, mulch prevents harmful effects from the constant freeze-thaw cycle so shallowly-rooted plants don’t pop out of the soil
  • Acts as a time-release for water and heat in the soil for more even distribution
  • Keeps nutrients more firmly in place, as opposed to loose soil that is prone to nutrients sliding away
  • Acts as a natural “air-conditioner” by cooling the soil in the hot days of summer
  • Plenty of different mulches to choose from so there’s always one that’s right for you
  • Can sometimes take the available space and prevent other seeds and plants from germinating
  • If not applied properly, too much sun and heat can be blocked from reaching the soil
  • Delayed evaporation can sometimes lead to soggy soil with poor drainage
  • Cooler soil can lead to later blooming, which can be problematic for plants’ schedules
  • As the mulch breaks down, organic matter is needed to help the soil’s nutrient and moisture holding capabilities
  • "Mulch". Licensed under CC BY 2.5 via Wikimedia Commons - http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Mulch.jpg#/media/File:Mulch.jpg

    How to Pick the Right Mulch for Your Lawn

    Very generally speaking, you can choose from dark or light mulch. A good rule of thumb, with mulch colors acting like clothing colors, is that the darker the mulch, the more it’ll absorb sun and heat (the opposite is true for lighter mulches, which tend to reflect the sun and its heat). Another general rule of thumb is that the warmer the climate you live in, the lighter the mulch you’ll want to use. However, the material of mulch you use makes just as much of a difference. That’s enough information to make its own post, so keep reading next week when we take a look at all the different kinds of mulches you can use, and why.

    If you’ve been wondering how to properly mulch your lawn, Mower Source has a fantastic selection of mulching kits with your name on it. All you have to do is pick out the one you like best, and then watch how much money stays in your wallet with our free shipping and tax-free prices (except in MN). Make sure to come back here next week for the second part of this post where we look the different kinds of mulches.

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