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As you push your lawn mower back and forth, you probably don’t think much about how to maximize what you’re doing. But adding one crucial element can change all that and you don’t even have to think twice about it.



Mulch Those Grass Clippings Instead of Forgetting About Them

One of the worst things you can do while mowing your lawn is to collect grass clippings in a kit and then bag them for the garbage workers to pick up. This collection of finely sliced pieces of grass belongs best right back on the lawn instead of rotting in a paper bag for several reasons:

  • Soil micro-organisms break down the cut grass clippings and release valuable nutrients
  • Your lawn gets organic matter that would cost a small fortune to buy in the store (and you get it for free!)
  • Spreading the grass mulching around takes no extra time at all
  • You can replace up to one-quarter of your lawn’s yearly nitrogen needs
  • Thatching will never be a problem with mulching
  • You’ll be saving money by not buying paper bags for your grass clippings, or having to pay the city to pick them up
  • And while we did say that mulching grass takes no extra time at all, that’s only if you’ve invested in that one accessory that can keep time on your side: a mulching kit. It’s a little more sophisticated than simply letting grass clippings fly out the side of your lawn mower, so let’s take a look at how you can streamline the whole process.



    What A Mulching Kit Does

    Mulching kits start under $100 and top out just a little more than that, and they’re super easy and quick to clip onto the lawn mower. Once you’ve got yours in place, all you have to do is focus on your mowing technique.

    There are two main methods that work best for mulching grass:

  • Stripes: This is probably the most common way of mowing your lawn where you push the mower down in a line and then bring it back on the same stripe. But instead of going twice over the same track, just make one pass on each stripe. To break up the grass clippings into an even shorter length — which will make the mulching process happen even more quickly — mow stripes the other way so you’re going at right angles.
  • Circles: Going in inward or outward concentric circles is one of the easiest ways to break up grass clippings as all you have to do is follow the cut edge, and then go over it again.
  • The only time you shouldn’t mulch grass clippings is when they contain a lot of weeds, like dandelions or crabgrass. Under these circumstances, mulching grass clippings can break up the weeds into very fine matter and spread the seeds around so your lawn is covered in them, running the risk that weeds can overtake your grass and choke out the blades. Instead, you’ll want to either pull the weeds out thoroughly, or just gather the grass clippings in a bag and put them out by the curb.

    When you’re ready to make the move to mulching kits, we here at Mower Source have an amazing selection for you to choose from. Check out our inventory of Toro and Ariens mulching kits for the one that’s best for your lawn mower, and then enjoy free shipping. Remember, all of the lawn mower accessories available, mulching kits can provide the best short- and long-term benefits to your lawn.

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