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Your grass doesn’t just have to be green and lush for you to enjoy. Jazzing it up with lawn ornaments is a quick and easy way to inject your personality into your lawn, but before you order dozens of pink flamingoes on the internet, read what Mower Source recommends in getting things done right.

Pink flamingoes

Consider Size and Proportion First

If you approach your lawn like you would decorating and designing the inside of your home, you’ll do just fine. One of the most important things to consider is the space and perspective you’re working with so that no matter what lawn ornaments you choose, they won’t look too big or too small out there.

If you’ve got a postage stamp for a front yard, then you’ll want to stay away from things like (pseudo) marble statues and using too many lawn ornaments and choose instead to use them to border the grass. And if it’s a stately lawn you’re dealing with, then go for things like oversized spheres and baubles and place them in the middle where they’re the most visible.


Focus on a Theme

One of the worst things you can do in terms of lawn ornaments is go for it all. You need to pick a theme (i.e. formal, eclectic, color, animal, etc.) and be consistent throughout. If you want a simple, formal look, then try something like a lone sculpture right in the middle. And if you want an eye-catcher like gnomes or pink flamingoes, then stick to the adage that “less is more”. Quirky pieces don’t need much else to make a big impact, and cluttering your yard with them will only look sloppy and silly.

Carved elephants

Remember You Still Have to Mow Your Lawn

Sure, it’s great to have a stone dwarf pushing a little wheelbarrow or tiny cherubs clustered in a circle, but there’s something important to remember: your lawn ornaments won’t grow, but your grass will. Before you place the ornaments on the grass, think carefully of what it’ll be like to mow around them.

Are they delicate ornaments that shouldn’t be pushed into with a gas-powered machine, or are they sturdy enough to handle a few pokes? If you want the easiest situation possible, then dedicate specific areas to your lawn ornaments, remove the grass, and freshen the area up with new soil or a layer of mulch (if you choose the latter option, get a color of mulch that complements the ornaments). This way, you can mow right up to the very edge of the area without worrying about damaging the ornaments, and they’ll be even more eye-popping because they’re figuratively on a pedestal.


Keep Them Safe and Theft-Resistant

Nothing in life is immune to theft. If someone wants to steal something badly enough, they’ll do it. You can minimize the chances of this, but there’s still no guarantee some neighborhood yahoo won’t get sticky fingers in the middle of the night.

Click on this link for some really great tips on protecting your ornaments against theft. But if you can’t wait, then here are a few really quick ways on keeping ornaments where they belong: in your yard.

  • 1. The heavier an ornament is, the harder it is to lift away and walk off with (think upwards of 80 pounds).
  • 2. Base mounting ornaments keeps them anchored in the ground. If they don’t come with a base mount, then use a masonry drill to bore a hole in the bottom of the ornament, and then insert a rod where it can sit on in the soil.
  • 3. Invest in motion-detecting lights and a camera. The former can deter potential thieves (they’d rather operate in the cover of darkness), while the latter is useful if they are, unfortunately, successful.
  • 4. If your ornaments are valuable enough, putting a GPS tracking device in them can be helpful in sourcing their location should they be lifted off your lawn.
  • 5. Freeze them in place — literally — by attaching them on a concrete base. Dig a small hole, pour in quick-dry concrete, and then secure your ornament on top.
  • Mower Source is a big fan of creative, cool-looking lawns, so let us know how you’ve decorated yours in the comment box below. If you’re still looking to get started, then stocking up on tools and accessories is the perfect place to start. To help you out, we’ve got free shipping and tax-free prices (except in MN) to sweeten the deal.

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