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Every lawn mower likes a little company while it’s working, so read on to see how to make the machine a little less lonely. And if you’re missing any of these, then Mower Source is the perfect place to stock up.

Lawn mower blades

Extra Set of Blades

Blades are the most important point of contact between the lawn mower and your grass, ensuring those grass blades get cut at the perfect height and angle every time. But if those lawn mower blades are dull and can’t be sharpened any more, it’s good to have an extra set on hand so you can swap them out quickly and head on your merry way.

Cost: Starting from just $19

Cover to Keep the Machine Dry

Maybe you’re lucky enough to have a garage or shed, and don’t have to worry about this part. If you don’t, though, then a lawn mower cover will be your best friend. They keep circulation high so moisture doesn’t build up, and keeps the heat down so your machine has a chance to “breathe” during its rest times. And for those yucky weather days, a good cover will keep the water out — and even be abrasion- and tear-resistant just in case sharp stuff falls out of the sky.

Cost: Starting from $27.99.

Mulching kit

Mulching Kits

All those little grassy bits that blow off onto your freshly mown lawn? Put them to good use by feeding your grass — with old grass. Many homeowners are tempted to just leave the grass clippings right where they are, but doing so runs the risk of burning the grass and creating more problems. What a good mulching kit does is chop up the grass to a very fine amount, and then deposit it on your lawn.

Cost: Starting from $79 on sale

Bag Kits

But let’s say you’re the type of lawn mower who mulches their own separate way and doesn’t have much use for a mulching kit. No problem, we’ve got something for you there, too. Bag kits are perfect for when you want a pristine-looking lawn that’s completely free of grass clippings, and all it takes is matching up the right kit to the lawn mower you’ve got.

Cost: Starting from $122 on sale

Engine Oil

Changing the oil on whatever machine is a basic skill every operator should learn how, and with a lawn mower, it’s incredibly straightforward and easy. But to get there, you actually have to have some engine oil on hand — and the right one at that. Your lawn mower is made up of many small, moving parts, and lubricating them so they run smoothly and without grating against each other is one of the keys to a long-lasting mower life.

Cost: Starting from $9.89.

Arm rest

Comfort is Key

Most people, when they think of riding mowers, chuckle to themselves when the issue of comfort comes up. “You sit on your machine while doing the job,” they laugh. “How uncomfortable could it possibly be?” If you’ve got the size of lawn that warrants a riding mower, then chances are, you’re going to be on it for a while. And once those minutes speed by, things like resting your arms and avoiding excessive vibrations are two things to keep you comfortable and focused for the long haul.

Cost: Starting from $44 on sale

Mower Source is always happy to make your life easier, and we believe that when the small things are in place, the big ones will line up, too. To make things even better, take advantage of our free shipping and tax-free prices (except in MN) to score what you’ve been eying.

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